Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

June Loons Penultimate Day Treasury

Right, typical me to leave it to the penultimate day, but here's my first attempt at doing a treasury!

First off, here's my listing for Tuesday 29th June....

Here should be some of my favourites from today....

Some more blue from Mildunkley:

Lemonade and Lamingtons:


I think that will have to do me for today, but I'll definitely be adding some more tomorrow now I seem to know what I'm doing!

Lots of Blogs...!

I've been very lucky to have been included in some amazing blogs over the last month.... I'm going to list them all here then hopefully I'll manage a June Loon Treasury all of my own! Here goes...

There are some amazing items there and I'm very privileged to have been included!

Folksy June Loons and my First Sale!

It seems I joined Folksy at just the right time... I spotted a post on the forum about a listing club for June which meant listing one new item every day for the whole of June... just what I needed as a new shop and so I joined up!

The motivation and support has been amazing, especially thanks to Natalie, and within a few days I had made my first sale! Since then I've had 5 more :) I'm going to try joining the July Jesters for the beginning of July to carry on the motivation, but it kind of depends on when you know who decides to arrive!

A Whole Month of Catchup!

Oh dear, I really have left it a whole month! I am appalled that the last addition to my blog was way back in May (and I can't believe I was all ready for Baby to make his or her appearance then and we're STILL waiting!)!

OK, in short, at the beginning of June I decided to open a shop on Folksy as well as my Etsy shop, so there's my excuse! I have added a link to the left which should go straight to my new shop which is..... Yes, I thought I'd stick with the same name seeing as I'm used to typing in HeloiseV now! So there we go, Heloisev is now in £ as well as $!

So what else has been going on in June........